How you can get involved in Islamophobia Awareness Month – #IAM2018

Following growing headlines which point to the prominence of Islamophobia and to mark the beginning of Islamophobia Awareness Month, our founder Zahraa Ahmed sets out our plans for the month of November and how you can get involved in the discussion. 

The month of November marks Islamophobia Awareness Month. Initially beginning as a day in November, the rising numbers of Islamophobia saw to the month becoming dedicated to raising awareness for the injustices and issues facing Muslims on a structural level, both nationally and globally.

According to recent statistics and academic work, Islamophobia is a growing phenomenon that focuses on the continued otherisation, alienation and dehumanisation of Muslims on a macro level, which then situates and embeds itself into our everyday lives.

Keeping this mind, this month, The Muslim Diaspora will focus on three key elements of this phenomenon and aim to raise awareness and produce discussions that will – god willing – work towards towards the creation of a progressive and just society.

From gendered Islamophobia to mental health and the global impact that Islamophobia has on our communities, this month will also focus on demonstrating the hard work certain organisations within the British Muslim community are currently doing to help tackle this growing phenomenon on a national and global scale.

We hope you can join us on this journey as we explore Islamophobia Awareness Month. Whilst we will be posting articles, our social media will also be active this coming month! If you’d like to join the conversation then tweet/tag us with the hashtag #TMDIAM2018, or even better, get in touch if you’d like to write on your own experiences.

In the meantime, here are some pieces that we’ve previously published regarding Islamophobia:

‘So when are we going to talk about the normalisation of Islamophobia in British politics?’

‘Why we must talk about the effects of Islamophobia on the Muslim youth.’

For more information email us at:

We hope you join us on this journey and as always we’d love to hear your thoughts!

Photo credit – Ali Arif Soydaş



Zahraa is a recent graduate and the Founder & Editor-In-Chief of The Muslim Diaspora. She usually hates writing about herself in the third person but can often be found researching and writing about politics, identity, culture and various other fun things. She is a strong believer in individual autonomy and in being a force for good.


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