The Muslim Diaspora has always been driven to provide a space and voice for Muslims from across the world.

Stemming from the belief in the ‘ummah’, the definition of The Muslim Diaspora is two-fold. Whilst this refers to the growing Muslim community across the world, it also refers to the fact that we, as Muslims, see our original origins to be with God, with this world forming the diasporic lands in which we exist away from Him.

As a result, this distance from our original place of belonging creates an expression and emotion of not only longing for God, but it forms the basis of our faith, which is dependent on us constantly renewing our relationship and dialogue with the one who created us.

For this reason, The Muslim Diaspora hopes to provide itself as a medium through which we can not only be reminded of the fact that we are mere travellers in this world, but how we should constantly seek to create positive actions and dialogue in order to renew our relationship with God almighty.

Our work is driven by the sole purpose of reviving, repairing and strengthening the relationship of our hearts with the One who created us. Therefore, you’ll find that with our work, we will always conclude with a positive action point that we pray you will implement in your life in order to help not only yourself, but also society as a whole.

We pray your heart is able to find peace and contentment and that you can join us on this journey of self and societal improvement.