What Is The Muslim Diaspora?

Stemming from the belief in the ‘ummah’, or the universal brother/sisterhood of Muslims, The Muslim Diaspora was set up to provide a platform to the thousands of Muslim voices from all over the world in order to provide a sense of unity during a tense global political climate and rising levels of Islamophobia. With many critiquing the idea of the ummah even existing, we want to demonstrate that in the face of rising anti – Muslim sentiment and sectarianism, Muslims from all over the globe can come together to tackle issues in our community and present a united front. Not only do we want to celebrate the achievements of Muslims but also give individuals a chance to express themselves and celebrate our diversity. Whether you are a Muslim or non – Muslim, we welcome you to share your stories and experience!

We hope that The Muslim Diaspora becomes an effective means of challenging the typical stereotypes that exist surrounding Muslims within the mainstream media and a platform where our achievements can be celebrated!